Monday, March 12, 2012

12 More Days & A Sneak Peak

I have twelve days left as a single lady.

Well, wait. Let's backtrack...

I was at work a few days ago (I believe it was Thursday) and a customer came to the cutting counter with bolts and bolts of fabric. Things were pretty slow, so I decided to step in and help Sue cut for her until another customer needed some help. This lady was so excited!

Her: "Oh, my! I've never had two cutters before!"
Sue: "She's a good kid."
Me: Brushing it off as no big deal
Sue: "Well, I can't say that too much longer. Pretty soon I will have to say she's a good married kid!"
Me: "Sixteen days!"

Approximately 5 1/2 months became 100 days, became 2 months, became next month, became a month from the day, became THIS month, became 20 days.

20 days became 16.

And now we are down to twelve days.

We looked at the apartment yesterday. There are definitely a few things we will get to look back on and laugh at about our first place (i.e. the porch light that won't stay upright, thus hanging upside down).

Here is a small sneak peak!

This is part of the kitchen.

This is Jason. I think he's gonna be the best part of the apartment :)
Er...this is a view of the front door and living room from the kitchen.

This is Josh.
Friend. Neighbor. Apartment manager.
He is showing off the fireplace in the living room.

And this is what I plan to be doing tomorrow...
It's time to start packing up!

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